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Jennifer Aniston Wins Scream Queen For Leprechaun Role

Jennifer Aniston has been named Hollywood's hottest Scream Queen after her performance in the 1993 movie Leprechaun when she is chased by an evil little green man from Ireland who has somehow ended up locked in a basement in L.A.

After he is unwittingly released by Aniston's family he goes on to wreak carnage all over. He bites off a policeman's head among other things and breaks legs with hammers. He tests Aniston's lung capacity to its fullest.

It was one of Aniston's first roles and before she was made famous in "Friends." Her screaming fit reaches its height when she goes to a local hospital and finds herself pursued by the leprechaun who strangely enough is in a wheelchair.

Luckily she discovers that a four leaf clover acts like a cross for Dracula and she is able to fight off the evil little man thank goodness!

Aniston has rarely if ever referred to her role in the movie which became a cult classic but hardly fitted with her later image as the girl next door and romantic lead.

Also 'honored' was Irish American actress Lara Flynn Boyle for her lung busting capacity in the movie Poltergeist 3.

source: Irish Central

Neve Campbell And Wes Craven On Scream 4

After years of developmental hell Scream 4 is back on track and not only is star Neve Campbell involved in an interview with Blackbook she said she is pretty sure that director and horror legend Wes Craven will be returning as well. Craven, who directed all three parts of the original trilogy had resisted earlier attempts to resurrect the franchise as had scream queen Campbell, but with the original team back in place including the screenplay writer of the original Kevin Williamson Scream 4 is shaping up to be more than the usual reboot.

The series which followed Campbells Sidney Prescott as she was stalked through three films by masked killer Ghostface who used his signature hunting knife and love for movie trivia to butcher teenagers was a blockbuster that helped reignite the failing horror film industry in the 90s. Spawning a whole new branch of the slasher film tree its original influence can still be felt in American movie fare today. Along with franchise members Courtney Cox and David Arquette filming should begin sometime in April of next year.

source: Examiner

VH1 Renews Reality Show Scream Queens

VH1 is renewing its horror-themed reality series "Scream Queens" for a second season, with the winner landing a role in the next "Saw" film.

On "Scream Queens 2," 10 aspiring actresses will compete for a role in "Saw 3D," the next movie in Lionsgate's horror franchise.

Season 1's winner was featured in "Saw VI."

The reality show is slated to return next year with actress Jamie King serving as host and judge along with director Tim Sullivan and acting coach John Homa.

source: Reuters
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