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"Mystery, bloodlust and seduction are her essence…."

The product of an unholy union between Dracula and a mortal mistress, Countess Vladimira came to be in 1637 London. Her father took her under his wing (no pun intended), initiating her into the supernatural life of vampirism, where darkness is light, and passion all consuming. Throughout the centuries Countess Vladimira has been a creature of the night, her months but days, assuming identities as her primitive hunger drivers her to different lands. She has become known throughout the world as a fatally irresistable princess of darkness, attracting a group of followers known as the Countess Vladimira Cult. They speak of her beauty and hypnotic power: a statuesque body, endless locks of raven hair, a porcelain facde with piercing eyes and lips that speak to your soul.

Now she is here. In our time Countess Vladimira is a mainstream horror personality, permeating our collecting conciousness through the mass media.

In print, the COUNTESS VLADIMIRA: BLOOD RELATIONS comic book series chronicles the adventures of the Countess and her fellow vampire/soul mate, Baron. This bimonthly has received a positive response from the comic industry and fans alike, and continues to increase in sales and distribution with every issue. With her stunning visage and devilish charm, Countess Vladmira has graced the pages of a diverse selection of publications, including PREMIERE and SCREAM QUEENS ILLUSTRATED.

The "Demonic Diva" has also begun her seduction of Hollywood, appearing in VAULT OF TERROR and Troma Film's TERROR FIRMER. The Gothic band Vasaria recently called on the Countess to star in their video for the song "Abduction".

Countess Vladimira frequently "flies" around the world, making public appearances at trade shows (she endorses coffin-shaped guitar cases for the Coffin Case Company) and prestigious events such as Erotica (resulting press included FETISH magazine) and the San Diego Comic Con. In 1999 the Countess was honored as a celebrity guest at the annual Madison "Scare" Garden Halloween event in New York City, where along with shock rock king Alice Cooper and the Misfits she helped scare the living daylights out of everyone.

Wherever Countess Vladimira appears, the Countess Vladimira Cult follows-and grows, always wanting more. Plans for the future include more comic books and convention appearances. Also in development are a TV series and additional Countess Vladimira merchandise.

For further information: Contact Ron Albanese or visit

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