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Emily Brownell is an up and coming Scream Queen. She has never been the kind of girl to take the usual route. Emily is a true individual determined to find her own way. At four-years-old she was placed in her first commercial by her Grandfather in the hopes her cute face would help him sell cars. Whether or not it helped sell any cars nobody knows, but one thing is for sure, it made little Emily into a local star, and turned "I like your cars Grandpa, but I would rather have a pony" into the local motto.

Years later after graduating college Cum Laude with a BFA in Film from Syracuse University she found herself back in the business this time as a scenic shop girl, meaning she cleaned the paint brushes and took out the trash in the shop where they built sets for a major network TV show. But that feisty four-year-old performer never left and she would emerge from her first "real" job knowing it was time to get back to her roots.

And that she did, taking to the big screen in a sold out run at The Pioneer Theater in NYC this past July in Stevan Mena's horror/comedy Brutal Massacre, playing a demanding Hollywood starlet. A recent review from A Horror a Day stated that "In addition to (Ellen) Sandweiss, Emily Brownell as the lead actress in the film within the film is highly smashing!" Aside from writing a blog and a screenplay she also has her eye on directing in the future, and joining the likes of Triple Threats like Zach Braff and Edward Burns. Next up she has a small bit opposite Bruce Willis in The Assignation of a High School President.

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Check out the official Emily Brownell website
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