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The evolution of Heather's career revolves around a story of a reunion between old friends. Being an avid fan of horror movies, Heather attended the Fright Night Film Festival as a horror fan in August of 2008. Little did she suspect that her future would entail her acting in the very films she had come to see. Knowing that a film maker from her home town would be at the festival, Heather went in search of them only to find an old friend that she hadn't seen in many years.

David Gooslin, "Goose", had also attended the festival where Heather encountered him to great surprise. David, of 148 Productions, had already begun production on his debut feature film 'C.R.Y.: The Video Diary of Calvin Ray Young'. In a moment of unchecked honesty, Heather blurted out 'You made a movie?!' which has followed her as a running joke ever since. 'I'll never live that down', she said.

After catching up with her old friend, David asked if she would like to be in the film. Eager to try new things, Heather accepted the role of Cathy Renee Young, the maniacly insane sister of Calvin. So what began as a fascination with horror films expanded to her being a part of the creation of them.

With some prompting from supportive friends, Heather endeavored to meet a few more independent film makers in the Lexington area and came to realize that there is actually quite a large market for independent films. After her debut in 'C.R.Y.', she wanted to focus on horror and be a scream queen powerhouse, but as she has worked in other projects, she has discovered that she is comfortable in comedy and drama roles as well.

Now with many projects in post-production and more on the horizon, Heather is looking forward to a bright future as not just a scream queen, but a serious actress and model as well.

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