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Born a poor farm girl in the wilds of Kansas, Helena is no stranger to the horrors of hard labor, having toiled in the corn fields with the other children from dusk till dawn.

At age 12, she was possessed by a demon spirit and Rosemary, her poor mother, sent her off to boarding school at Ross Prentiss Academy where she learned genetics and fencing. After a freak lab accident in herbology class, however, Helena was forced to head back west to live with her uncle and complete her schooling in Haddonfield, Illinois.

After a turbulent senior year in public school, Chicago’s Elm Street became her first home and the place where Helena found her true love of entertaining.

Following a failed stint as a dominatrix, after which, no litigation was pursued, Helena relocated to the most evil place on Earth- Washington DC, where she currently resides with her cat Lilith and a phoenix named Rami. She loves schlocky horror, 50’s fashion, Halloween, relaxing with a nice triffid truffle and a good cocktail, is handy with a bull whip, and will one day marry Bruce Campbell.

Helena's Hussy of Horror web series posts new videos once a month, though she'll be posting one per week in October as a special treat! Check out her photos below then visit her site!

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Check out the official website of Helena: Hussy of Horror
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