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Here is a little about Lenora, in her own words:

"Some might say referring to myself as a future cult icon is a bit cheeky. Well, it is but so am I. Also it was a lot simpler than listing all the things I do. I am an actress who has appeared in Independent Films, Who Knows The Band on MTV, Crush and Men Are From Mars. I also have been in nation wide ads for Hot Topic, modeled for Drac In A Box in the UK and appeared in such magazines as Varla and soon DDI. I have also hosted my own cable access show with Troma's Count Smokula. I have my make-up artists certificate, have done some voice acting, performance art and even directed a few short films. See what I mean, and that's only the career stuff!

I am a fan of the dark and surreal as well as glamour and camp. I enjoy the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, John Waters, David Lynch, the Brothers Quay and Stanley Kubrick. I am obsessed with sideshows, dolls, The Simpsons, tales of hollywood babylon, Divine, Klaus Nomi, corsets, platform boots and sky high heels. I also love the art of Mark Ryden, Trevor Brown, Joe Coleman and Dame Darcy.

As far as music I love Kraftwerk, David Bowie, Mark Almond, Fadgadget, Ute Lemper, the Tiger Lillies, Klaus Nomi, Divine and the new Electroclash bands." Visit the official Lenora Claire site.

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