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Lily Haze
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Lily Haze is an actress/model and a writer. She aims to be a director and producer as well. She has been performing since age 9 and was classically trained in theatre and music. Lily was a bit of a latecomer to most Horror films because her mother would not allow anything she considered too graphic in the house. Lily saw a few of them (including Rocky Horror Picture Show) at Halloween sleepovers, but she did not get into anything really intense until college. Over the past few years, she has been slowly devouring the genre and now she can't get enough!

Lily is a self-professed nerd, an apprenticing Horror Hottie who is resistant to the "Scream Queen" handle. Ms. Haze is currently developing a documentary about the parts women have traditionally played in the horror genre. It is an exploration of female roles in film and literature, including graphic novels, with a nod to their intrinsically fetishistic nature. She has also already begun production on her own indie horror film.

Ms. Haze was introduced to Glenn Ciano and Robert Rotondo, the Director of Infected at a local Horror Convention. Haze was overjoyed to hear that they were still casting for their next project- Infected. The producers cast Lily Haze in the plum role.

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