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She is 27 years of age, stands at 5'4" and weighs 120 lbs. She is from the USA and is known for her black hair, which is now red. She has a trademark tattoo, a large menacing black widow tattooed on her navel! She has starred in 3 low budget horror movies, "Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre" (also starring Debbie Rochon), "Blood Spurting Vampire Freaks", and "Skin Eating Jungle Vampires". She also starred in a vampire/erotic movie called Latex Lust which won the Playboy Channel's Naughty Amateur Home Videos contest in 1997.

She co-hosts "Horror Biz", a show on Manhattan public access cable and writes reviews of her favorite pre-1976 horror/exploitation films on her website called "Mistress Persephone's Tartarus".

Already a well-known star in the underground fetish industry with over 70 videos under her belt and innumerable magazine appearances, she has crossed over into horror with her unique style of hybriding kink and gore. She has been recently featured in Femme Fatales (in an article written about her by Femme Fatales fave James Ursini) and Draculina and portrayed the character "Screemin' Mimi" for Screem magazine. A talented performance artist, she has graced stages around the world with her incomparable shows of bloodlust burlesque soundtracked by music she produces herself.

She is affiliated with many "horror rock" bands having appeared in music videos for bands including Ohio's Cult of the Psychic Fetus and NYC's Psychocharger. She has been been paid tribute to by several comics including GWAR FUNNIES which had her drawn in as a guest who conquers and devours Techno-Destructo and online comic ZOMBIE COMMANDOS FROM HELL! had her appear as the head zombie demon with a taste for priest flesh.

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