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Ryli Morgan's desire to pursue a career in entertainment began when she was only six years old. Born in Charlotte, North Carolina (where she still resides), she was raised by loving and supportive parents. After a six-year pursuit of figure skating, she decided it was finally time to follow her dreams of becoming an actress, model, or a singer.

Initially assuming that her voice wasn't strong enough for her to be a lead vocalist, Ryli concentrated on modeling and acting. Her first paid modeling job came in April 2001, posing for numerous Japanese publications. As for the latter, she was offered parts in several independent films, but none ever materialized. Her acting debut wouldn't come until September 2001, in Despair, a short film by her husband, Mark Baranowski.

Drawn to "all things dark and mysterious" for as long as she can remember, Ryli has always been fascinated by horror--vampires, especially. She loves the B-Movie genre, and has longed to become a part of it for years. "Being located in North Carolina, though" she states, "made the odds of that happening seem very slim."

Ryli beat those odds, however, with Despair, and her 2002 feature film, Runaway Terror, both from On Mark Productions. The former led to a brief stint as a nude Internet sportscaster, a feature article in Draculina magazine (issue #41), and a short strip-tease video entitled Ryli Morgan: Audition. More magazine and Internet features are in the works, and Despair can now be found among the bonus materials on Seduction Cinema's Roxanna DVD. Her latest film, Expendable, which also features Brinke Stevens, has just been released on video on DVD.

Now that her dreams of becoming an actress and model have finally become a reality, Ryli hopes that the same will come of her musical aspirations. At any rate, we'll undoubtedly be seeing a lot more of her in the near future! It's about time.

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