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Sasha, a premiere newcomer Internet model and scream queen, is the dark seductress featured on such websites as Babes in, Gateway to, and the television program Playboy's Strip Search. She has worked with such performers as Playmate Laurie Wallace, adult performers Lexxxis Leigh and Amee Donovan, and is a popular favorite performer at Columbus Gold, the top-rated gentleman's club in Columbus, Ohio, her hometown and current residence. Sasha's best-known signature performance is her "Living Dead Girl", in which she is reanimated, Frankenstein-fashion, from near-death to rise to the music and then proceeds to entertain and enthrall.

Sasha is a major horror/scifi buff, a collector of movie posters and classic movie memorabilia (she even owns a battle-scarred b'atlett from Star Trek: The Next Generation, which she practices with 'just in case'). She has co-written the screenplay for "Gothica," an erotica-horror film going into production next year in which she will star as Aurelia, the succubus-seducer villainess of the film. She is also the collaborator and source for the upcoming children's dark fantasy, "The Clockwork Angel." The upcoming indie supernatural drama, "Stoneville," will also feature Sasha in the supporting role of 'Isildora Hayden.'

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