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Dubbed by the press "San Francisco's Gore Gore Girl," Shannon Lark is a progressive professional scream queen and the CEO of The Chainsaw Mafia networking circuit and horror production company, specializing in film and splatter theater.

Not only does she direct, produce, write & star in horror films, she is also manager/gore wrangler/dancer for The Living Dead Girlz, a zombie dance troupe based in San Francisco. On top of booking, she is in charge of creation and implementation of all gore, blood, and prosthetics for the shows of the LDG.

Lark spearheaded The Viscera Series, a collection of horror art made completely by women. Lark believes it facilitates women into achieving more powerful roles in the horror genre, aiding in clearing the path and encouraging more women to join the film industry in general. This process is based on the theory that as women become more active in the horror film industry the genre will change to encompass both male and female perspectives.

Some of her films include Go Ask Alice, Retardead, Zombisize! Rigamortis This!, Torment, Indignation, Neotorturo, Fugue, Sanguinary, Flying Saucer Rock n Roll and Blood in the Sand.

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Find out more at the official Shannon Lark website
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