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Gorgeous, raven haired Tanya Dempsey has made quite a splash since she arrived in Hollywood from Arizona, just a few short years ago. Quickly establishing herself as a darling of the independent film community, she has already starred in ten feature films, in a variety of diverse roles.

Tanya earned her chops in the theatre, acting in everything from Shakespeare to "Grease." This grounding has given her incredible confidence and depth in front of the camera; and a chameleon - like ability to slip effortlessly under the skin of her characters. This quality has led directors to keep asking for Tanya, time and time again. Tanya has also guest starred on several network television shows, most notably, "U.S.A. High" and "Clueless."

Tanya has made a popular name for herself with horror fans, having starred in several cult favorites including “Shrieker,” “The Frightening,” “Hell Asylum” and “Deathbed.” Tanya just wrapped the action film “Guardian of the Realm” where she starred as an ass kicking demon hunter, giving her the training and ability to work effortlessly with wires, and hold her own against several “action” veterans. She was recently declared “the next big thing” by Femme Fatales magazine, which gave her the July cover as well as a six page interview.

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Visit the official Tanya Dempsey website
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