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Tiffany is one of the most popular independent actresses around. Mention her name at any fan convention and groups of men clamor to find out where she is. Her name appears among the top twenty in countless lists of favorite b-film actresses, and her photos grace the pages of movie magazines around the world. With a legion of fans following Troma's cult classics like The Toxic Avenger and Tromeo & Juliet, Tiffany has rode the wave of this offbeat studio's success. But Troma wasn't where she first started. She's been acting her entire life.

Her association with the sex-filled, sick and twisted humor of Troma films, along with other horror films, has made it easy to associate Tiffany with the "Scream Queen" title - something she is slowly breaking away from. "I've been in and out of the movies my whole life," she said. "Like most young girls who are good looking, they tried to trap me as a Scream Queen - you know, take your top off and run around, which is fine and all except that I don't do any nudity. So you get stuck in this realm where you get a million calls a week but all they want you to do is take your clothes off. And then a lot of people in the mainstream industry had categorized me in that genre and decided they didn't want that type of girl. And they didn't realize I had actually never done any nudity.

With better projects coming her way, Tiffany then made an unprecedented move for both her age and career as an actress: she formed her own company. Moving from New York to Los Angeles, Tiffany and several friends formed Prescription Films to produce and distribute films directly targeted at the under thirty crowd.

For Tiffany, a lady with her whole life ahead of her, she's taking on the world and winning. Her versatility and talents are just beginning to unfold, and there's no telling what all she will be able to achieve. For Tiffany, the world is her oyster and she's eating it with delight.

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