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Vanessa Gomes Rosa (born October 10, 1988, in Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A.) is an American Horror model and actress of Puerto Rican and Cape Verdian descent. She is most commonly referred to as one of the first Alternative models of color.

Rosa was born at Women and Infants hospital , in Providence, Rhode Island. While growing up, Rosa dealt with a string of unfortunate events including her parents divorce. In 1999 Rosa attended a casting call for the Barbizon Modeling school in Boston, MA. After being accepted, her mother agreed to pay her tuition fee, thus Rosa's training began.

However after her graduation in 2000 she felt as if she was not able to express herself by means of commercial print work. Rosa's dreams of being a model were at a stand still.

After her break, Rosa started researching on the variations of the modeling industry. She then came across an extreme and unique style that she was never exposed to during her Barbizon days. This was called, Alternative modeling. Realizing that this style was not as popular, seemed to be the least of her problems. There was also a very low percentage of women of color who were Alternative models. Feeling as if something needed to change, Rosa quickly shifted her interests, and thus her alias "Demon" was born.

From there she started developing skills to assist her in horror, gothic, and fetish work. She has appeared in dozens of magazines such as Voltcase and Fixe Magazine. She was also Miss April in the 2008 CadaverGirls Calendar. Her most recent appearance was a finalist for the 2008 Miss Horrorfest competition, presented by Afterdark Films. Rosa is still active in the mainstream industry, and recently performed at Paul Mitchell's, "Hair for a cause" charity event.

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Check out the official Vanessa Rosa website
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